love Shanghai algorithm in the unceasing change, foreign chain quality requirements are extremely harsh, but for the Shanghai dragon optimization ranking, the chain and content is indispensable, the chain core now to "quality", before the kind of mindless chain era has ceased to exist, Shanghai now has a mechanism of love to judge the quality of the chain, according to the algorithm, the quality of the chain is the user and love Shanghai really want something, then we should be how to make the high quality the chain

This paper consists of: the brave

two: the high quality of the chain

2: try to choose the high traffic platform released outside the chain, the more high traffic site means reading more, more users are reproduced in the reading content, the greater the chance, and high traffic websites often fall in love with Haitong to give high weight, if the content is rich enough, this the chain has been in love with Shanghai for sure, the value was enhanced.

1: the correlation of the chain is the most important part, that is to say whether you publish the content of the chain and site related theme, if the correlation between the chain more on your web site’s ranking will be very helpful, such as you are Shanghai Longfeng class keywords, then you can contribute to A5, the webmaster a website, this is a very good choice, but also brings high transfer rate, the chain of these sites are usually easy to love Shanghai included, so the chain is also exist for a long time.


love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm comes, many owners fail again and again, a long time will lose confidence in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this article is not to teach you, but to talk about the author of the Shanghai dragon now understand, Shanghai dragon to the end how to do.

Era website is the fundamental content Since

well, this is the key that points today, hope that the webmaster refueling, as long as you do you will be successful.

network 贵族宝贝 starting A5 station network, please indicate the source. (respect the copyrights of others is to respect yourself)

love love Shanghai as everyone knows, has high quality original content, the core content of the website, if the site lost a pillar of the content, so what about the user not to mention ranking?. For most of the webmaster, to update the content will be very tangled, write the original has been a very distressing thing, the lack of writing ideas. In short, if we know the love of Shanghai has always stressed that the high quality original content, then why don’t we take the time to do it right? You can say you are not a very good writer (who are not born.). Finally, a website to be successful, we must unremittingly the good content, good website content is the basic site for long-term survival.

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