believes that Shanghai’s friends are concerned about love snapshot will be found, a lot of friends love Shanghai site snapshot for in No. 11, No. 12, the snapshot still have some friends also stay at number 13, that is to say, many website snapshot is not normal, stop the update, and this situation. Not only with the operation of the site, in fact, is that when the number of friends to discuss and update their work, everything is normal, the site does not take other measures such as cheating, and the ranking of the site has not changed, but love is such as Shanghai soon inexplicably stopped.

According to the Shanghai

: the first fixed site and update the content, original content is

second: Web site outside of the chain to the sustained and stable

love exception to my snapshot, understand the chain, some Adsense relatively many webmaster YAHOO chain also relatively large fluctuations, personal check personal web logs, love Shanghai spiders crawling a lot less than the normal time, and only occasionally included one or two articles, and 5.14 in the afternoon, the website ranking has undergone great changes, but in the evening and belong to the original. Perhaps this also indicates that some changes to come. For us, we should start from the following points, is immovable, do not easily change their way of Optimization:

believe that we are looking forward to their site ranking traffic has increased, so, once thought he was in the right direction, the >

for the website optimization, the chain of the site, can be said to be one of the biggest factors affecting its ranking. The site outside the chain, this is a very important aspect, methods to get the chain as we all know, the chain every day insist on doing, you know. Here, the emphasis is how to obtain the chain, the chain of our firm sometimes is difficult to grasp, such as the loss of the forum outside the chain, the blog was shut down, this requires that we do not put the egg in one basket, should increase the chain widely degree, of course, the quality of the chain is the most important the.

"content is king" is always king, fresh content is always love Shanghai love, we should pay attention to provide the advantages of content, and we should pay attention to the point, the webmaster should try to maintain a stable website content update frequency, the best can be fixed update the contents of a certain day, sometimes not update, sometimes not update. The content of the website is sure to send a lot of every day, but must guarantee, we can always keep up at this frequency. If three days fishing nets two days of drying, is certainly not good consequences.

believes that determined the webmaster should remember, generally speaking, a large area of Shanghai indicates that the abnormal love snapshot of relatively large updates coming, and love Shanghai in the 5.20 incident will not have too big change, according to past experience, this situation indicates that the precursor love Shanghai big update, perhaps love is a new arrival of the Shanghai earthquake.