four: the website chain construction


a lot of people in order to save the cost of doing station group, it will choose the cheapest space in the choice of site space, this actually brings great danger to the station optimization, such as the following websites used in the same IP, there is the opening speed very slow, security is also very high, this website is not love for Internet users and search engines to


actually do station group according to the site of the formal way to do business, to do so will be able to enhance the weight of the website as soon as possible, but also to let the effect stations become more persistent, and do regular web site, the most important one is to improve the user experience, and a rise in the chain it is an important way to the user experience of the website optimization, usually in the station inside of this two part links "

under normal circumstances, a website space should correspond to a separate IP, if you do the number of stations in the following 200 months, it is best to do so, if more than 200 sites, so a IP can put the following three to four space, in addition to the four sites between the three can not have any contact, usually a IP corresponding to a website space, often included more quickly, while giving the weight will be relatively high! For in the choice of domain name, it is best to old and new mixed use, for the old domain of choice, be sure to identify them tricky, because some domain name has been K, so it will affect the weights of the domain name, resulting in the entire station group failed, for the first time to work in the station group of Shanghai dragon ER, as well as for the new domain name, such an The highest coefficient of



now stands in Shanghai dragon group optimization plays more and more by many practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng known, but always because of this or that problem, resulting in the station group of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are some problems, these problems often lead to the failure of the site optimization, even the entire station group the search engine will be K off, so the station group optimization, if successful, profit will be very obvious, if it fails, the loss is relatively heavy, so for stations optimization of Shanghai dragon ER, how do stand swarm optimization that will be no danger of anything going wrong? From the following five key start

IP and domain name space update website content site space !

on the website, best original content, but for such a large standing group, if the original content is very difficult for the individual owners, so the appropriate pseudo original can also, not to collect, to do so is easy to cause the failure of the site, and the weight is not high, will affect the overall weight increasing sprocket! For the huge content, we can employ some professional network editor to do