4) the content of the page is the need value: if the rich open speed, a page readability, elements, so if the user has no value, then believe that "ultimately will not have a good ranking, only truly meet the needs of the user to the page, so that the search engine will give good the value of good weight, good rankings

1) page readability is better: we this paragraph is clear, consistent with the experience of the user

3) page opening speed: if a page is often not open, then the search engine grab information, the user can not access, so long if the search engine will think this site has no value, eventually K

1) station: station here between the vote vote, vote, reflect the chain chain weight transfer, if we can in the chain structure of good set good website, so that can get good weight values, enhance the website ranking

page quality? !


currently love Shanghai algorithm of continuous adjustment, the implementation of the spark plan has been emphasized in the quality of the page of the site, so what kind of page is a high quality

believe that we all know, there are links between the voting principle of each other, so here we talk about the voting and voting principle with the station outside the station:

we usually we are talking about the weight of a web site: love Shanghai more, then love will give Shanghai the website ranking, ranking mechanism so love Shanghai is? Love Shanghai is how to recognize a good website? Love Shanghai why give rankings your website is good? In fact, we think, if these problems figured out, then we increase the weight of the website, make our website to get good rankings is relatively not what problem, then to the two core point weight share network promotion:

2) elements of the page: I also need to enrich in optimizing a website red dates health bar to do the experiment, write articles inside can insert pictures, pictures and more conducive to love Shanghai, love Shanghai also thinks that the page value is relatively high, will give good rankings.

: first we should pay attention to web page quality or content quality


3) love Shanghai share, use WeChat, micro-blog promotion of the chain, the weight can also very good promotion page value for >

second: pay attention to the use of voting principle

2) outside the station outside the station to vote: the vote can be understood as the chain high weight and general chain, if we can go to the same industry and the competition for the site link exchange, or go to some industry forum, blog registered account to publish the chain effect, and to improve the weight of the website, increase keyword ranking