from small series of above, website advertising too much and force the user to install the plug-in and JS popups are all factors that escape from the website. The following Xiaobian said, how to let users on your site of interest.

site load too slow, so users dislike your website. Now the electricity supplier website is very short time load. Mobile phone browsing needs higher, there is no waiting time interval loading, milliseconds loading out, then slowly, then filter the loading tip.

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do network marketing in Shanghai know love statistics and cnzz have a statistical data that is user retention time, can also be said that an independent website used in entering and leaving the total time. However, there are many aspects because the site causes the user to take the initiative to leave, to experience the user can only be pestered beyond endurance, leave. This small series of deep love, small series to see the latest film, some will go to the website to download. However, many users film war and installation site as well as the new plug-in pop-up window. Xiaobian feel tired, it can only leave. This situation exists in your website, if it does not exist, so the loss of customers and not love your website is what? How to let users love your website.


we all know that a woman’s beauty was judged from clothing and dress up, this is what we often say that people rely on clothes, beauty by beautiful dress. For a website design must have a good framework, such as the Iqiyi website, gives the impression that the high-end atmosphere on the grade, not the kind of appearing nervous in public.

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interactive section

, a website operation is good or bad, a large part is that we say popularity. How to make the site to increase popularity, do a lot of this aspect of the forum is very good, can be said that the forum has the right to speak in this regard. The forum made a hot topic, add a comment and message, can allow users to participate in the discussion, the active participation of the user behavior, can be said to express the user view. But in the Internet communication, improve the site’s discussion, with such behavior becomes a trend, more and more users are willing to keep the forum.

clear navigation structure

plug-in is 360 block or intercept, almost No. But in the web advertising to make people very headache, can understand the website with advertising, but pop style advertising users are very angry, "


is too complicated to allow users to browse the web site is the most lost interest, is also not easy to find the user needs of the content. The user to enter a page, but do not know how to return to a home page or website, users will not be so next time again, this is the navigation design standard.

small plug-in

website design style

page loading time not too long