as everyone knows, in the process of Web site optimization weight plays a very important role in the process of optimization, aiming at optimizing the weight love Shanghai is the most, why? Don’t you see a lot of the most high weight website traffic is not from the main key words, but from the long tail word. Long term performance and website weight are closely related, today the author and share A5 soft in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the end for the website has the positive and positive effects, often on A5 friends for the author should not strange, almost every week to meet you and I work well, we gossip short continued to enter today’s theme.

third, A5, can effectively avoid the site right down. As everyone knows, a short time a large number of connections will undoubtedly increase the risk for site down the right, such as a large number of anchor text blog, a forum signature though these can directly increase the number of reasons included outreach in a short time but this is caused by the site down the right, according to the experience of the author are interested can look at space. Submission for a long time in the A5, has never been reproduced for second days caused by the phenomenon of power quantity increased sharply. The author explains the reason, first of all, the article is reproduced from the webmaster website or normal station, and in the pages of the site itself, weight has been very high, a large number of "high weight of the site

second, A5 can enhance the soft connection widely. This point is self-evident, here I want to say is that we in the process of submitting the best hands-on experience to share their own experiences, or the optimization is the foundation, because we are to get a written text and outreach, must also be real help to the Shanghai dragon beginners, when they think of your article good writing will help you directly affect the amount of this reprint, reprint your article reprint of the quality of the article, how much is our best way of extensive outreach, we should not only writing more more than A5 home as the goal, because the home recommended than only included the effect of course is not natural.

first, A5 soft in reality can enhance the website weight and ranking. Here please see the screenshot above, the main keyword information storage medium before removing tool slow wandering the love Shanghai third, fourth pages. This week because of a piece of soft A5 is recommended to the home page for second days to bring a lot of reproduction, and ranking until love Shanghai first home, in this before trying to update the site, do friendship connection, but the ranking of inaction, only leveraging the power and share the real optimization experience, A5 editor recognition, to get everyone’s approval, in reality do soft writing, if the article was collected after the visible text recognized by everyone that many friends will be reproduced in our article, because previously taken, first, so I suggest that you can actively contribute to the A5, the only true do you realise effect.