to improve the effect of optimization of the two, good links, propaganda in place

website optimization is sometimes called the do it, there is a chain of the construction, called marketing, write text, writing the feeling is the brand, the industry, are soft world, not the propaganda, where there is a website marketing reputation, this chain is the brand of the chain construction. There is a little cooperation for link building, Links, the degree of importance of the chain, mutual link everywhere is very important, Links, do not link is friendship, is, my QQ is in general is the webmaster friends, a large number of friends and maintain the website essential information. These are both for their own website development, or to understand is the necessary information, contacts is now not for sale. There is also a link called blog link, blog links relative to their own brand building more general features, more detailed write their own brand and description, if you become a brand of blog, the more meaningful, also is the need to insist on effect and form.

In fact,

optimization, search marketing, expand

, site optimization, is the effect of playing cards, improve the conversion rate, improve the flow, improve the development space of website, expanding membership, and so are the essential way, we know the Shanghai dragon website effect may, every day we will be asked for the boss, what website ranking is not up, why business or well, why traffic is not high, not to mention sales, and so on, these are all we need to pay attention to the matter, after every query included, and then look at some of the changes, whether to update the love of Shanghai, and so are the need to focus on. So how should we do, in order to maximize the increase these effects.

improve the effect of optimization, write original, to find out the characteristics of

in addition to the natural Shanghai Longfeng effect, there is a kind of marketing is SEM, love Shanghai bid or noble baby the two pay per click advertising, also need to optimize the Shanghai dragon, spend the least money, do the best.

To improve the effect of the three

there is a style called the original, there is a style called feeling; each site has its associated theme, these are concerned about changes in many ways; the most simple, in fact, the best way is the original article, each copy of the original article is the key to bring you flow, content is the filling structure foundation, perfect the content of content is king, if the theme is Shanghai dragon type, so as Shanghai dragon why, Shanghai dragon do long tail keywords other; if the topic is webmaster class, that is the same as A5, training of so much information, and then contribute to the classification. The original information update and maintenance. If is the product type, you can write about feelings and evaluation of products, I believe more and more evaluation station, so much, but also a huge flow, and evaluation is also a kind of trust and guarantee the product.