Too serious. The standardization of A few days ago ?These URLThe

in the site map submitted to the search engine in all specified standardized site

贵族宝贝example贵族宝贝/product.php item=swedish-fish

is a web page:


noble baby, YAHOO, Microsoft jointly issued a new label canonical tag, is used to solve the standardization problem.

CMS system in most cases

301 to turn, not standardized to the standardization of URL

This resulted in several problems

website, may also affect the included. A weight is not very high domain name, can be collected total page numbers are limited. The search engine included resources spent on irregular site, left to the real content of different resources is reduced.

administrator tool set in the noble baby with 3W and without 3W, which is a standardized version of

can control their own internal links, but others link to your site is not controlled by

Don’t punish the Not to control

noble baby administrator tool is not applicable to other search engines

webmaster, a plurality of URL dispersed page weight, is not conducive to ranking.

will also have a lot of options to solve the standardization problem such as:



waste to search engines, resources, waste of bandwidth.

search engine to find multiple web site content is the same, and, as far as possible to find out that should be standardized. But the program only after all procedures can go wrong, the specification may not pick out the webmaster want to.

canonicalization is always a problem for webmasters and search engine. It is estimated that online 10%-30% URL is not the same as URL but the same content is not standardized.

URL can add this Code:

Use .

said, is in the HTML file on the head with this Code:

. For example:

some AdSense for some reason can not do 301 to

should be standardized.

short, although there are alternative solutions, but the canonicalization so far is not a problem.

ensure that the CMS system using only

website to ensure all internal link standardized

but each of these methods has limitations.