optimization, the traditional page are made of table. But this way of search engines are not friendly, so it is not recommended to use the table

: I GSM alarm combat website system all the pages are written, almost without any redundant code, is the label conversion, to avoid as far as possible long notes.

1.4 JS optimization. The JS search engine is very friendly. At present, the search engine can not parse JavaScript generated pages or content. So the important content can not be used with the JS script generation;


1.3 CSS optimization. CSS optimization is mainly to change the CSS of the call, and avoid the use of CSS as an important part of the definition of style.

there is a CSS optimization, all of the styles I put on the external page, only need to add a reference to the head, which greatly reduced the volume of the page.

uses the div+css method to make the page, one hand to prevent the junk code, on the other hand can reduce duplication of code. This way is very friendly to search engine.

code optimization is to make the necessary adjustments to the web page of the HTML source code, a good line to improve the page, page after the optimization, on the one hand can be effective in streamlining the page code redundancy, accelerate the speed of the page, the page search engine service and reduce the occupied storage space of the server, so as to improve the user experience and search page search engine friendly; on the other hand can highlight the theme of the page, improve the correlation of the page.

streamline code was divided into five small steps: 1. to clean up the garbage code; 2.html tag conversion; 3.css optimization; optimization and optimization of table 4js.

Table 1.5

1.2 HTML tag conversion, mainly refers to the use of short tag replacement to achieve the same effect in "the label. For example, two weeks are in bold font, but more than five characters, if the page of many words, it will generate a lot of redundant code.

main steps: streamlining the code; the head label use and weight optimization, image optimization. In the four part, streamlined code is the most basic and fundamental.

1.1 junk code refers to those not in removing the case affect the page to show the normal non essential code. Don’t look down upon the code, he takes up a lot of space, not only affects the performance of search engine also affects the calculation time, so it is best to write code, if you use frontpage, word, Dreamweaver, and other tools to write the words, the garbage generated code will be very much, so the manual cleaning off.

1. starter code refers to remove or simplify the code in the page, so as to reduce the volume and improve the page page of the user experience and search engine optimization purposes.