two, 5 kinds of phenomena

update, there are a few main phenomenon.

, the author analyzes the hands of a high temperature sealant to the old station, found that the main keywords are rising, although the article not updated for a long time, but the basic is the next snapshot. The outer query chain through the webmaster tools, the phenomena found are as follows.

A B2B, the chain update and the survival rate is better than the forum, classification and library. Changes in the number of the forum outside the chain, the chain does not update the basic library. The above fourth phenomena, these websites are basically done a lot of BBS signature of the chain, the chain data fluctuation. But many old station ranking recovery, thanks to the love of Shanghai in a few years 2, 3 and April updated database, the B2B classification and the chain re credited to the temporary ranking algorithm, it has this phenomenon.

4.19 love Shanghai update the above 5 kind of phenomena, of which third, fourth are common, 2 and 5, while the first phenomenon is rare. The general love of Shanghai there are a large number of database updates, will lead to a large number of old station ranking overall rise. First, according to the data itself a few old station to change, that the love behind the phenomenon of Shanghai update.

site keywords early middle late frequent fluctuations.

B, the old stand in the rankings, the old domain name, especially without excessive optimization, there is no change of the theme of the site the old domain was paid attention to this situation? The author made a rough statistics, found that some of the old station, the article basically did not update the chain quantity and quality have no characteristics, but the rankings are still strong. Some of the old domain enterprise site, still no rankings. In view of the old domain name is to be attached with the degree of attention, because the number of the reference site is too small, there is just speculation.

Analysis of


4, the website chain changes.

C, the update, I see a lot of adhere to the original articles published, in addition to the domain name age, other major data are better than the old phoenix Shanghai station >

, 4.19 Shanghai

1, did not care on the part of the old station ranking rose

3, the website included, snapshots are normal, but no keywords ranking.

summary update phenomenon of loveThe love of Shanghai

2, web page also included, but the home page snapshot stalled in March, of which 3.22 are. Part of the website snapshot update to 4.1 and 4.10.

last night love Shanghai has conducted large-scale renewal, according to some websites in their hands, while finishing the search outside, 28 information push and push several major forum users feedback, the love of Shanghai to do a brief analysis of the update.


1, long before finishing the old station suddenly ranked overall rise.