H1, the H2 tag can be used in any place, any of you think you can highlight the primary place for using web content. For example, the front page of the site. Usually the name of the front page of the site of the main place is the site, because the site’s theme is built around the site name. So according to the level of the tag, we should put the H1 tags should use in the core content of the website. Of course there are exceptions, such as website is a portal site name is Sina, for example. But we can still apply the idea, define H1 in the core content. Secondly, we must carry on the H2 in the chosen, we do not need to put all the columns with H2 tags, but add feature. So we must in what place with the H2

has been fixed, on the left navigation column, and some other section of the call. Site navigation columns have many connection point to him, and is long-term fixed, will not lower weight, so we can take this opportunity to use tags in H2 that are not in the navigation, the front page of the column calls. Then there is H3, we arrange slightly.

for the rational use of H tags can have very good effect on the optimization, so H1, H2 tags in the end how important, how to use, in what place, I around the H1H2 tag, I said to tag H Tag Optimization in view.

label?The core content of the first page of

we must first understand what is H1, h2. < in the HTML language; h1> < h6> definition header six different text size TAGES. The essence is to show the content structure, there are six kinds of labels, text from large to small, the weight decreased accordingly. That is to say H1> H2> H3 and so on. He also plays in the optimization, presents a function of the content structure, the distribution of the benefits that the whole structure by the web page to a separate search engine grab the page will be according to the order of such crawl. But we are not H1 to H6 are often used, we often use only H1 to H3, H4 also often used as a keyword, outstanding website, of course, you can use a bold, is enough to highlight key words.


for the website column page and the inside pages, in fact, is a truth, we can put in the HEADER label on any page of the website as a page to do. Let him show a clear structure, content structure, the idea is the same. We can put the column page column is set to H1, because the column page, column name is the most important, followed by the side columns, we can set the H2, finally the columns of the list, we use H3. In the page is in the same way, the core content of H1, the side section can use H2 to connect with H3 content.

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