statistical analysis data can better love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, do to fully understand their own website, have to carry out the Shanghai dragon, believe that ascension and the trend of the flow of keywords will become better and better, as we can.

the last one is the suggestion of Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai statistics Shanghai Longfeng suggestions can help us website to do a comprehensive diagnosis, including URL length, static page parameters and the content of the page of the diagnosis, but the use of time is to use the invitation code, this comparison is difficult to get the trouble, get the way there are several methods, some time ago can use the opportunity to draw spell luck, now the promotion user can use, also can use integral exchange, the other is email or micro-blog to obtain.



analysis of Shanghai dragon cannot do without the website data, love Shanghai statistics is a good tool for data analysis, he has more accurate than other traffic statistical tools, more detailed data, he has cnzz and 51la did not fall in love with the sea Shanghai Longfeng recommendations included the amount of inquiry and so on; with a love of Shanghai their favorite products, love Shanghai statistics is perhaps the webmaster want to take advantage of a love of Shanghai products.

is the second love sea included the amount of query. This reference data I think is quite distinctive, before when there is no love Shanghai statistical tools, we query the web site, site is your own domain name, now site’s own site, the number is estimated, the site administrator needs to know the amount collected more accurate, please use the love of Shanghai through the analysis of statistics; indeed, site out of the data with statistics included inside the love of Shanghai is very different, many of the newer articles, actually are included, but has not been released, so the site included the number is changed little, the love of Shanghai included in the query we can understand the amount included in our website more accurate.

say a few more features, other statistical tools are not to say. The first is traffic statistics, Shanghai traffic statistics love than other traffic tools will be less, but no cnzz tools will have some garbled keywords, search by clicking on the word, we can see the user is through what keywords to search into their own site, from the analysis of key words we can out. What is the keyword from which article, those words are from which search engines came in; in addition to the above is also equipped with a view of love: Shanghai index, view the popular search words, view view the history trend of search keywords and URL antecedents, which will undoubtedly make the webmaster mining, analysis, layout of a few of key words sure.