analysis of 1. channels and the mall rebate page Keywords:


is now the mainstream of the rebate website function contains three types: Taobao mall rebate, rebate, group purchase rebate.

For the "



3) Taobao shop: "XXX flagship store, XXX mall, XXXX shop, XXXX shop".


1) industry list page "brand XXX, XXX wholesale, XXX price, XXX ranking order.

group purchase. "

for Taobao channel rebate products are from Taobao, roughly divided into shops, the industry page list page, and the product detail page three. The keywords Taobao products I believe we have seen many. What is the combination of related search and analysis found in the drop-down box appears more keywords combination frequency:


I love Shanghai Keywords:

in recent months has been doing the rebate type website (www.fyigou贵族宝贝), because the rebate "win win win model" is suitable for the grassroots webmaster. But most of the webmaster is to choose a lot of rebate "or" the rebate "program more, because these procedures a year to block 200 can buy a 500 + a year or so of the space can operation, more suitable for the grassroots webmaster. There are some kinds of its own development process, the basic functions are almost similar, the key is to promote the operation. But for a lot of grassroots webmaster with the author, don’t know how to promote the marketing website. The only in the hands of Shanghai longfeng. For their own promotion, do not need to rely on Shanghai dragon friends can bypass oh. I have to share with you today is the first step – how to optimize your web site optimization framework.


through the analysis of related search and found the drop-down box roughly focused search long tail combination "XXX official website," XXX net "," XXX net rebate coupons "," XXX "how this kind of word search is relatively concentrated.



Analysis of Taobao

2 rebate channels and page Keywords:

2) product detail page is: "XXX" and "XXX?", "XXX" XXX, the wholesale price "

The analysis of

3. group purchase rebate channels and page Keywords:

" of the main mall rebate is the mainstream of the mall, Dangdang, where customers such as Jingdong, Amazon.