search engine platform?

by the Xinhua news agency and China Mobile to create a national search engine "Pangu search" enabled creative domain name panguso贵族宝贝 officially launched operations, this news caused the attention of the industry, the search market has always been a huge business opportunity, this attractive "cake", so that more and more enterprises in the field, have the layout of domain name strategy enter the search market, which makes the author attention to any type of domain name is the best choice for the

Pinyin domain name has always been a favored target of domestic enterprises, all walks of life enabled case is not in the minority, similarly, in the search market occupy an important share of domain name. Love Shanghai as a domestic Chinese search engine first, for the domain name strategy deployment pays great attention to the phonetic domain, in addition to love sea with baidu贵族宝贝/.cn/贵族宝贝.cn and Larry domain, its products are used for phonetic domain and so on, and Google owns guge贵族宝贝./.Cn/贵族宝贝.cn and other mainstream suffix Rome Pinyin domain name, also holds the China CN top-level domain, such as the short letter the domain name, noble baby.Cn domain and so on, thus, domain name has influence.

network according to the latest statistics, the domestic well-known search engine search volume ranking the fourth quarter of 2010 has been released, love Shanghai with 36.11% search volume market share in the industry first search, row >

search engine market has great commercial value, attracted many enterprises to explore the search market, its search web enabled domain type is varied. In 2010 June, after people贵族宝贝.cn launched "people search" test version and enabled as the official domain name, August, xinhuanet贵族宝贝 low-key acquired "country found" and guoso贵族宝贝.cn two domain names, and in April last year when the youku贵族宝贝 enable soku贵族宝贝 domain push independent video search site, search search platform to enable the soso贵族宝贝 Tencent the domain name and so on.

, of course, there are other types of search engine platform is enabled, the digital domain name + Pinyin abbreviations type, such as 3G portal founded the YY search using the domain name; English domain type, such as the use of Google Hongkong domain name noble baby贵族宝贝.hk; creative domain type, such as the search should use the easou贵族宝贝 domain name, taobao贵族宝贝 independent search engine "a cat" etao贵族宝贝 the domain name and so on.

can be seen from the above, the "so" domain combination type in the search engine market opening platform a lot, in fact, the "search" pinyin "sou", but to search for "so" industry seems to have reached a consensus, this kind of domain name often into some search sites are considered the first choice, of course, is mostly used other types of domain name in the search engine market, enable it and purchase case there are many.