back analysis of his domain name, open the site, is a very large B2B site, and 16 two level domain name, Links has many large websites, intelligent network, Alibaba, mainone network, about a dozen, looks like a large website.

General information

tools for query website, love Shanghai included 175, Google included 20 thousand and 100, soso included more than 40 thousand, trans 872, 2-7, PR3, snapshot, the site was built in 2007, at Links, outbound links 34, most of them are not the chain, is only 9 link to each other, I think the first time is if the site is just love sea drop right, first website basically the amount of information of millions of 2-7 snapshot, included only 175, a chain and taken so much, not normal, and the scale is not consistent with the website included.

today in the group to see someone asked: why should I apply for the 2 love Shanghai alliance or pass? Have been returned, 2. His hair, one is a domain name, a domain name is the same under a two level domain name. I will help to see, and also write soft article to help sweep literacy.

is the first two level domain name can not apply for the love of Shanghai alliance, but also cannot say that, if the domain name two level domain name through the love of Shanghai alliance audit, can be directly through the main domain account code to obtain sex union of Shanghai. If the domain name does not pass through the love of Shanghai alliance audit, then the two level domain is unable to make love for Shanghai alliance. Like Shanghai, Sina space blog domain name of this kind could not because of love, Shanghai union requires you to have the right on the site. So the two level domain is no way to make love Shanghai alliance alone.

I’ll love Shanghai alliance reason do not just by the master is scheduled to drop right, the web is not the search engine trust had not led to the audit. I have Links problems and just drop the right things up to him, the result is a very shocking answer, he was on the line of the website in October, 16 of the two level domain is used alone, there are more than a year at a time, and there are 22 Links home page 22 brand recommendation, increase its links, but has done NOFOLLOW processing, and intelligent network, Alibaba, mainone network is his early to do, others are not removed. I suddenly Mongolia, first touch on so awful things, the chain is a part of the real part of a false + + NOFLLOW, completely put me seckill, but also can not blame others, can only say that he is too careless, First impressions are strongest.

back through conversation, found more strange things, their boss to do a lot of the main domain name, called the same, do not know this will not affect the personal feeling, may affect the authority of each site, now gradually only do a domain name, the domain name to several other processing. I hear these, Mongolia, why do so many master? "