lead: the birth of Acer, HTC, Foxconn and MediaTek and other giants of the island, where the sick



in recent years, with people around Taiwan, we will first think of cosmetics, photographs, food and idol drama. In the mobile Internet era, Taiwan has gone "East Asian Tigers" Yong, and Hongkong, Singapore and South Korea’s growing gap.

by reason, Taiwan users have the best mobile phones and communications networks, but their young people are using Facebook and Line and other conventional old applications. In the top 20 mobile phone APP in Taiwan, and even not a native application, Knowing founder Yang Fangru even believe that Taiwanese people on the phone was colonized".

Taiwan snow leopard

technology chairman Wu Dewei is quite helpless cited an example: "the Taiwan team this year chose 5 Purple Cow entrepreneurial team to visit Beijing, the final 2 teams decided to move to Beijing. They see the reaction of Zhongguancun entrepreneurial street, and religious pilgrimage, as Beijing is a business mecca".

why Taiwan’s economic performance momentum is fading, "in the field of mobile Internet, behind 3 to 5 years"? The birthplace of Acer, HTC, Foxconn and MediaTek and other giants of the island, where the sick


no longer "four dragons" brave Taiwan economy

the rise of the Internet has caused a huge impact on many industries in Taiwan. The island has always been based on hardware manufacturing industry, and the advent of the Internet wave is completely changed in Taiwan.

the current Taiwan economy, is a trough of wandering. Ten years Taiwan people’s livelihood food prices rose by 25.6%, while the average wage rose by only $11.2%. Working income of less than 30 thousand NT dollars (equivalent to about RMB 6000 yuan) more than 1 million 200 thousand young people, young people in the work income accounted for more than 61%.

university graduates pay only 22K per month, which is 20 thousand and 2 dollars (about 4.5K yuan), to know that in a long time ago, the mainland first-tier cities graduates salary as the standard. Over the past 15 years, Taiwan’s overall salary declined, leading to a large number of young people can not afford school loans and mortgage pressure, not married, not fertility problems, it led to a large number of Taiwan talents outflow.

July 2014, Taiwan official data show that the youth unemployment rate is rising, Taiwan 20 to 24 year old youth unemployment rate is more than the overall unemployment rate of more than 3.

missed the PC era of Taiwan, the mobile Internet should be an opportunity to reverse the fate.

development of the mobile Internet: would rather sell chicken is not willing to venture

YAHOO and Motorola have been Vice Foreign "Cha