mall website page is relatively large, natural page load up time is relatively long, so as to decrease the redundancy in the code page. There are a lot of mall, open source applications such as: ECSHOP, ECMall, ZEN >

this is a food store, is the flagship of halal food, there are other types of products. The entire mall style belongs to the Islamic culture, no shopping website optimization experience, to create a brand mall must have their own characteristics. Shanghai Longfeng projects also need a team to plan and optimization scheme of Shanghai Longfeng flow, specifically, the first is the need to establish a keyword thesaurus, dig more long tail word, and assign tasks to the team everyone. The second is to pay attention to some details, such as the use of the station site structure, level two and two level domain name directory. Third is the content of the web site planning. Fourth is the mall of the user experience and the conversion rate, of course this idea is mall operators work. Here are some suggestions for the optimization of the mall:

: the basic information of the website


home page keyword mall


Recommendation two: Figure

as shown above, the mall home page set up a number of key words, and these words most no love index in Shanghai. When do enterprise stand optimization, we usually used to set the keyword, but for the mall site should we set the keywords in the page? On this issue, many practitioners Shanghai Longfeng views, think of mall site or not to set the key words as well, for a large shopping mall, website the content of a wide range, such as the halal food mall site, in addition to halal food and Muslim commodities, and even instant noodles, but several other large shopping mall platform, is actually a similar situation, keyword has to give the meaning of website positioning. The mall platform theme range is too wide, if you set keyword to a certain extent will lead to the theme of the site is unknown, the second is the love of Shanghai now keyword has no value, the most important information is the title of the site.

page to remove redundant code

now the electricity supplier website but with the raging like a storm, but also many small business website collapse, believe that friends are concerned about electricity supplier website last year, remember, I just a optimize personnel, on the electricity supplier website operation is scanty, starting from the angle of Shanghai Longfeng flow, how should we optimize a small business website platform? Today I will talk about a simple case of some of their own views. And enterprise station is different business class website optimization need professional team, not one or two people can fix the several key words. The following figure:


advises: do not need to set the