1. main keywords, Google and love Shanghai rankings soon, the station has two words, one at home, one on page second, period less than a month. (search volume two keywords in qianwanji, love Shanghai is one hundred million

thinks the classified information is very important, and I love Shanghai know Wikipedia will not dwell on, is must do a good job. My experience is that the chain is not the more the better, should pay attention to the quality and quantity. First, the information industry first "theme

on the blog sprocket, Shanghai dragon Er are not unfamiliar, but do little indeed, from the data to see this approach in foreign countries is very respected, so attracted my attention, this is the first step of my career. I first registered Sina, Hexun, love Shanghai space, Sohu, Tianya the 5 blog, every day to prepare for the 5 article pseudo original industry related illustrated articles, a blog post, adhere to the update, 5 days after the check to be included, then I’ll start in every blog custom Links, linked to each other each blog, blog links all to the station master station, as shown above, everyone can understand, and then continue to update. The present I made is:


3. )

this is a regular Keywords, those of Title, Description, H tags, etc. very conventional optimization image compression and code, I want to mention news updates, pay attention to the principle of 20 characters: the original is better, industry, reliable source, modify the contents, chain layout. Not as specific introduced.

1. station optimization

2. blog sprocket

Shanghai dragon is only half a year time, I was a novice, Shanghai dragon is a repeated practice to from work, this paper is my personal practical wise remark of an experienced person I want to say is, I just contact a person from the initial rapid increase in some new sites to experience new station weight and each keyword ranking hoping, also hope that in the wrong, can have a master station pointing out. The concept of the weights of the website in Shanghai love to know is summed up: is the site in the "treatment" classification system in search engine. Another idea is a comprehensive search engine algorithm all favorable factors brought about by the "value effect" is recognized by the search engine. After my first contact with a new station, I was working in Shanghai from the following aspects of the dragon.

classified information

2. long tail keywords, because there are other website plan adjustment, only half stopped, the company website directory structure should be optimized, but half of the month in the rankings from, but also to the first ten pages, five pages, three pages are. Because I also do experiment, the investment manager is not big, but the effect is really good. Keep a good blog, master weight soared.