The correlation between

to browse the website of the law often is from top to bottom, from left to right, this behavior determines the site layout of the main business and other important information on the left hand side, the other main content below

For example,

3 and web page

1, professional business website page

of small and medium-sized enterprises do Shanghai dragon is designed to in the Internet era through online marketing for the company to bring order, but only the website ranking is not enough to impress users immediately orders, not simply in order to optimize and optimize. Need to consider how to do better the effect of Shanghai dragon, skills are as follows:

most of the enterprises in the beginning of online marketing, will establish a website, because of the familiarity of the website itself is limited, so it is easy to ignore the construction of the site itself, the general situation is to spend a few hundred dollars to do a website started to do network marketing. The first window website as the Internet equivalent of enterprises face the rough often give people the feeling is not very good, trust is very low, and the turnover rate. The atmosphere and professional web page gives the first impression is excellent, easy to produce the trust, attract visitors to browse. The intentions of making enterprise web page the user can easily feel, so the construction site must not fool, try some overall style atmosphere, to professional design, with the characteristics of your industry tune, to win the favor of users and lay a solid foundation.

2, website right information printing


, according to the design of the main business site layout is more in line with the user’s browsing habits and interest,


website theme and site description, site title and site navigation, site layout and website content, column page and page for details, and the relationship between them is the need to meet the matching degree is high, high correlation. All things are around the entire site site theme of this core, structured, logical. For example, some product sales business website, navigation column will set up recruitment, this is obviously not logical, website theme is the sales of a product, does not meet the recruitment website theme, there is no correlation, others want to work for the preferred recruitment website, professional thing to professional website to do, there is no need to waste valuable website position.

site navigation company, general enterprise website practices are put on the site navigation second position, behind the navigation website, although the content of the website can be rich and colorful, but the user browsing time is limited, very short, that is to say the location of the navigation company often can not attract customers, so the navigation second the position we are often advised to put the main business, and the company can contact us, the integration of enterprise culture information in navigation at last, only the first user interested then will want to understand your company and contact.