to meet user demand for all. We know that any one site is the goal for customer service, allowing users to enjoy the service at the same time recognized >

so I think direct correlation in use at the same time and indirect correlation combined to optimize the traces not too obvious, this time we optimize the naturalness of the reflected, or in the Xi’an cabinet as an example, we can through the different regions, different types of building materials are finding the value of Links website such as Shenzhen Hangzhou Xi’an cabinets, cabinet, wardrobe, Xi’an bathroom building materials and so on, because the scope is very large, we are through the indirect factors of different radiation will find the connection partner very much valuable, so in his Xi’an cabinet on the website can link to related industries such. The use of such divergent thinking you can find very high connection weights, and direct and indirect correlation between complement each other, causing the site to drop right because of such factors lead to excessive optimization is very low.

The correlation between

here I introduce the basic concept and correlation, such as my own website is a network of Lantian jade, and the related such as direct websites such as Dushan jade, jade, and Tian Yu and so on, indirect jewelry site, jade site and some luxury goods are more or less and I the correlation between the site factors. Here the author thinks that the correlation we can understand indirectly and directly related.

related factors we will combine direct and indirect correlation correlation. Now do website optimization website basically correlation as a direct correlation, such as the operation you a building site such as my own website in Xi’an cabinets, in Links exchange will necessarily and peer site exchange links, website content must be related to Xi’an cabinets, decoration company in Xi’an, or the cabinet industry news. The results of the site correlation results in is very easy to cause the website for the love of Shanghai suspected of cheating but we increased many times, because of the keyword is too concentrated, is obviously a very obvious signs of optimization.

as everyone knows, for the moment the love Shanghai optimization we need to grasp the two principles of the website weight is the basis of love Shanghai, ranking. Second, how to use the website to increase the relevance of high quality external voting for the site, the promotion website weight we know the station optimization and stood outside optimization to both stations, including the interface design, content quality, website structure, access speed and so on, outside the station is mainly through the other way here in Shanghai for the most important is to promote the dragon the value of the website chain, the value reflected in what place, one is the weight of the other site, followed by other websites and their own website industry correlation, some understanding of their own today, the author mainly aimed at the effect of correlation function net station in the optimization process of the analysis, good gossip short continued, we enter the topic today, by doing Shanghai Longfeng Optimization Website correlation.