when conflict ahead, new opportunities appear. A business in the Northeast neighbors need a helper, found my home. He took out Chenyichen ideas, to the northeast. The last station have learned, began working for three years. In the past three years, the average daily working hours in 10 hours or so, for business reasons, store away, so no holidays. Once in August fifteen, just in time for the holidays, the arrival of products, can not find the workers, who can only store the handling. Dry day until 3 in the morning, but still can not go home. Because too much of a sudden arrival, not to the library, so are stacked on the outside. Can only keep, the defensive is three days and nights. So that the fifteen moon of this life will not forget.

The study found that The first station

drifting second station

drifting third station

that year, just graduated from technical secondary school, at the factory in the downturn, the original commitment arrangements, the principals of the word, while the young go out instead. Walking in the bustling metropolis, the boundless world wide, I am helpless. Often silently ask yourself no money, no background at that time, no qualifications I, where is my way. But the way is not to ask out, despite the loss but also can walk to find direction. So began a life of N years of wandering.

just graduated from junior high school, a teacher and we said to the future in the society has developed, or have a diploma or a technology. I think at that time, the diploma is not. So while the young learn technology. But what? Remember when I was a child in the village often have to repair appliances, think of home appliance is very popular, learned, there should be a lot of people. He took part in the training class, very hard to pay a lot of time, the RMB, but when the concrete practice, found himself too idealistic, not your technology is high, the day will be able to live well, and light repair, life can not repair what big. The craft became chicken ribs, although reluctant to give up, but the deep desire to have a new way.

worked hard for three years, save some money. Young and restless heart, determined to give yourself a chance to change your life. Affected by some of the working process of friends, learn computer feel, should be very useful. This time, insist on down, starting from the "Hello word", "HTML wrote, made many enterprises website, through the network sales of some products. In the process of practice step by step, not deepen understanding of the network. With previous experience, find to do business through the network is a very suitable way out. But as long as doing it will be a bright future.


network business, network promotion is the key. The Internet in many ways, but most people are talking about a method called Shanghai dragon. Then began a further study and practice.