2. the indirect binding of their products. Love is good in Shanghai for their own products is bound to do, in the love of Shanghai achievement, if users want to complete the game, we must understand the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai, love video Encyclopedia Shanghai browser, love Shanghai new home of knowledge, which is love Shanghai products are binding.

2. games can be fun. Boring search engines will make you feel boring? Love Shanghai in the way the game can get you some fun in the search.

4. familiar with

1. increases the user experience. Since 360, so search online soso, Sogou even to love Shanghai, the impact of love, Shanghai to make a breakthrough, only users who work hard, increase user experience is a very good method.

search engine skills. If the user of the game experience, skills for the use of search engine will be greatly improved, this is not only the love of Shanghai, including Google, Sogou are applicable.

3. knowledge. Love the achievements of Shanghai has many tasks are related to the content of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, including the love of Shanghai home application, users can directly understand the relevant knowledge.


love love Shanghai

Why should Shanghai launch achievement?

after Shanghai launched a new love home, love Shanghai home and change in each love Shanghai account right account search achievements. According to the relevant users revealed that the achievement is love Shanghai launched in January 23rd. After the user made me click on, will enter into love Shanghai achievement, can be said to love Shanghai for a search level users to launch, users search for love Shanghai proficiency level, the highest level is 12, of course, the completion of 12 requires a minimum of 30 days.

users can get what

1. received gifts. Each user to complete a task can be obtained with integral, integral increased level also gradually improve, to a certain level, you can get such as vouchers, gifts and other gifts of love Shanghai games gold.

is the flowering search market is not in smooth water, it is simmering, the 360 Sogou search and look at fiercely as a tiger does not give up any one can occupy the search market opportunities, but can always love Shanghai Liaodi opportunities, launched this love Shanghai achievement significantly and wins a game, we look forward to search for a better future.