beautiful young lady Liu, straightforward character, generous man, and in front of her talking like sitting close to his years. Ms. Liao sweet, delicate skin, pretty face, is a happy family woman, now she will have their own beauty business.

dare and dash Ms. Liao, business for many years, from clothing to restaurant, now and then to the cause of beauty, the hard way only Ms. Liao most clearly. Ms. Liao and the greatest charm lies in, after experiencing so many things, the sun is still able to maintain a lively and cheerful, positive attitude to life, let people see her feel from her pass out of joy.

trip, Ms. Liao with his cousin came to Wuhan, came to the company after investigation, resolutely decided to sign the European industry’s Esther quanmei Odie brand. According to MS Liao’s argument, this is fate, asked why the only know. Originally, Ms. Liao, with Odie brand investment manager for only two or three days, but "and Jia teacher contact, she felt very good, so went to the Wuhan will own business matters finalized. Ms. Liao refreshed in her store was embodied in the most incisive, Ms. Liao "hundreds of times" to describe their workplace, worked hard for so many years, Ms. Liao had no fear of the groundless talk business on the road.


in the store’s choice, Ms. Liao said his beauty salon is home style, because it is quiet enough. Ms Liu said: my beauty salon to give customers a sense of comfort, the store opened in the mall will be more noisy, with the beauty of the quiet does not match. Not to mention their beauty is starting from a friend, the most important thing is to make their friends feel good." MS Liao not only attaches importance to the experience of friends, unique vision, while taking into account the long-term development of beauty salons, this time she brought her cousin, is ready to send her to receive special training.

Ms. Liu said: "I am the boss to take her as training, I hope she can become more excellent than me! I also want to learn, but the children of the family need to take care of people, I must have the opportunity to go." Ms. Liao personality reflected in speech, Ms. Liao because we know that only the beautician’s ability has been improved, the beauty salon comprehensive strength can be improved; only to the beauty salon to investment, a big payoff in the beauty business.

is the most I admire is Ms. Liao said, "beauty is a happy thing, I want to give my customers a warm and comfortable feeling of home, because now the city is really a lot of trouble, I want to enter my club, let her forget all your chores." If Ms. Liu’s friends and customers to hear these words, will be sincerely touched Ms. liao. We believe MS Liao’s beauty industry will grow and grow and shine in the near future.

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