said today that the man might be one of the most worried in 2016..

8 years ago, a man named Chris Hill-Scott, and two university students to develop a SwiftKey input method, the input method is a input method using the technology of artificial intelligence to predict user input content.

This is

Chris brother


this is the other two venture partners Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock


was this brother as one person in charge, because not all love life and work overtime, wages are still not guarantee the business early no way! So he has introduced the meaning of..

in the end, he chose to launch, take the company back to his shares to buy a car.


this car arrow diagram of

after he quit, he had two small partners did not stop, they continue to invest in the development of this software..

and Chris, after he left the business, he went on to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer in addition to buying a bicycle.

– I don’t know what it’s like to buy a bike and become a photographer, but this guy did use the money to buy a bike, and a heart that wants to be a photographer.


8 years later..

in the past 8 years, this software is more and more popular. The use of more and more users, the amount of downloads in the world has reached ten million times. There are as many as 300 million mobile phones are used as the default input method. Its users even include Stephen · hawking.


It’s hard for

to have such a high profile. Finally a few days ago, Microsoft 170 million pounds to buy the software..


and Chris started with the two small partners, and finally got the 25 million pounds, about $more than 200 million..

m wrong.. If Chris had not sold his shares to buy a bicycle, he might have been able to get the money..

is the most expensive bicycle in history…


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