entrepreneurship is the process of the entrepreneur’s own resources or through the efforts to optimize the integration of resources to create greater economic or social value.

these two days of Internet start-ups in full swing, many young people have stepped into the ranks, but the business is really so simple? Seemingly simple hidden behind how many hardships?

a lot of people in the first venture, are very scarce resources. Lack of resources, so that the probability of successful business to reduce, but in the face of start-ups, fully adequate resources is impossible.

so what do we need to do to prepare


I. positioning

first, you need to have a clear positioning, is what you do. A clear goal in the industry, and the brand positioning of keywords, combined with the analysis of industry environment with its own product line, the advantages and disadvantages of accurate positioning of the target user, the actual demand of the users.

two. Capital

start empty-handed, also need to have some money as a support, so if you have no money, it is not a big problem, the problem is that you must have a way to find the money, this is the most important investment, let others pay to help you achieve the dream is also very important.

eternal motivation means eternal power, the hardships of entrepreneurship in front of the mission will also yield, thus greatly enhancing the probability of success, which is why repeatedly emphasized the importance of mission reasons.

a lot of young people in the business, too much emphasis on financial factors influence, in fact, funding conditions are important, but the most important is the entrepreneur’s personal business ability, especially the ability of business. The early start, the ability of individual entrepreneurs is very important, all have their own hands, entrepreneurship is not an easy thing.

the same, there are a few points need to pay attention to entrepreneurship, of course, can also be regarded as taboo:



looked down on this small profit, want to become a fat man, so it will never make a fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth.

2 sit guest

do not take heart in the product is that no one will love, especially in the fierce competition in the market, only to take the initiative, you can get more opportunities.

3 chase fame and fortune

a lot of entrepreneurial team, the success in the process of gradually lost themselves, even the pursuit of fame and fortune, but began to go downhill. The pursuit of success can, but do not forget the beginning of the heart is the most difficult!

4 do not know to give up

if a program or product is true