Ping++ CEO of I Yiye gold horse journal article

summary of China’s enterprise class services a lot, both local and overseas schools have excellent articles come out, VC and entrepreneurs stand on their own point of view there are many good summary. In this paper, based on Ping++ nearly three years of entrepreneurial history, there is a detour, there are lessons, there are disillusioned, but also have experience.


The core of the

1.toB product is the ability to accurately image the target customers.

The best combination of

is: precise customer positioning. Identify with niche market extension, beginning more focused, more narrow is more likely to succeed. It would be best to build a brand new category and monopolize it to capture the minds of customers. Stealth killer demand. This rigid demand is very subtle, has not been a good solution, belong to peers can not remember the moment is not optimistic about the demand. Early development of toB products to stay away from competition. Systematic value chain. The introduction of this product is positive for the whole industry chain, the upper reaches of the lower reaches of the river are benefited. Not only as an organ transplant to avoid rejection, but also to have the effect of catalyst. Revolutionary cost reduction. Customers use this product, the overall efficiency of the input and output ratio is 10 times higher than the above. All of the innovations that can be applied in the end are revolutionary, and only a few times optimization is meaningless.

2 is the core of enterprise service sales trust and vision.

because the company’s purchasing process is a rational decision-making process, it is very important to understand the different ways of thinking in the decision-making chain, including the budget, the responsibility of the border and the key people, etc.. Products to solve customer problems is only based on the need to promote the purchase of two things:

first, trust.

why are you because the replacement cost and opportunity cost are very high, so it is very important to build trust. Trust generally comes from: the professional image of the absolute experts in this area, not only to solve the problem, but also for business consulting. Has a strong strength, you can always accompany the growth of enterprises, do not worry about suddenly unable to provide services. Brand endorsement of customer brand customer benchmarking, the real case is better than thousands and thousands of words. Third party authority certification, the objective evaluation of industry report.

second, vision.

What is the future of

? This is the higher dimensions of persuasion, through the demonstration of the future of the industry to determine the panorama, so that now the product is full of continuous optimization and upgrading of vitality, thus leading customer needs. An enterprise service company should be a partner rather than a buyer and seller, and exceed customer expectations for a long time.

3 large customer is the best target customers, LTV customer life cycle value is better than 300 thousand yuan, annual amount >