technology news Beijing time on June 9th evening news, Bloomberg today quoted informed sources said, "Huffington post" (Huffington Post) founder Arianna · Huffington (Arianna Huffington) will launch a new media company, focused on health and health care business.

Huffington is 65 years old, and a joint venture with others to create the news website, "the Huffington post", was created by. Now, she plans to further expand its media empire. People familiar with the matter said Mr. Huffington had been in touch with some investors and was preparing to launch a new media company called "Thrive".

Thrive plans to provide lifestyle content, the operation is similar to the Huffington post, mainly by celebrities and bloggers and writing content. In addition, Thrive also plans to provide health consulting services.

informed sources also said, Thrive is considering a variety of potential business models, including the content of advertising sponsorship, conference, subscription based enterprise health plan, etc.. Thrive also plans to arrange some courses for enterprise customers to improve the health of employees, improve work efficiency, but also help companies retain talent.

informed sources, Alibaba chairman Ma Yun has agreed to fund Thrive. Previously, Ma Yun has repeatedly expressed interest in the media in public. In addition, the Huffington post, a co-founder of venture capital institutions Lerer Hippeau Ventures also said it would invest Thrive.

Huffington post was founded in 2005, mainly rely on some celebrities, journalists and freelance writers to provide content, and attracted millions of readers. In 2011, the Huffington post was bought by AOL for $315 million. Last year, AOL was acquired by U.S. telecom operator Verizon Communications.

now, the Huffington post has become a core part of the Verizon Communications media strategy. Informed sources said, Verizon Communications has allowed Huffington to establish a new media agency, while retaining its position in the post of president and editor in chief of the post of Huffington. (Li Ming)