Abstract: we had less than $1 million in cash at the time. The company also opened in second days, at the end of double income employees also had to send. More importantly, the general spring festival financing institutions will not give you the investment.

pig short rent in August 2012 officially launched, is really leading, based on shared economic model in the short term, online booking platform.

fashion, travel into the current social norm in travel, there is a problem to become essential, that we’re leaving home, really want to live in what kind of place is the most appropriate? The hotel can not meet the high standards of hygiene requirements; convenient hotel, eating is a problem; star hotel price too high. In this case, the United States appeared Airbnb; China has a small short rental.

subway, pig short rental advertising is very eye-catching. Exquisite accommodation, along with photos of homeowners and landlords, which make people feel in the journey to choose short rent, not only solve the problem of accommodation to eat, but also get the local people to recommend the most authentic help, more important is to make friends, and experience in his family’s almost.

pig short rent for our accommodation provides another possible, even the traditional accommodation industry may have a greater impact or subversion, but now the face of the "hot", pig short rent CEO but Chen Chi just called it "has just surfaced".


Chen Chi, founder of

, Wang Liantao

entrepreneurship, in order to have a new challenge every day

Chen Chi has a wealth of work experience before the founding of the pig short rent, graduated from Huaxi Medical University, he has been in hospital for 4 years as a doctor. In order to change the system in later life he chose to join the immutable and frozen, has just started, with the change of the tide of the Internet, although experiences could be equated and brilliant in a number of well-known Internet Co occupation, but Chen Chi decided to let out their own reason or have the intention, "even the setbacks, all want to contact new challenges every day".

efforts to get the results of the need is wisdom and perseverance, and the courage to return to their achievements, in addition to wisdom is more important courage. Chen Chi told reporters in an interview with reporters, I do not lack the courage of the people."

and other entrepreneurs, Chen Chi put the focus on short term entrepreneurial projects, and not to experience or Emmanuel zhaxian. Just a colleague to introduce him to the Airbnb model, while he was also doing hotel reservation business in the OTA industry. Chen Chi after listening to the introduction of colleagues, I think this project has not been carried out in the country, if they can seize the market will bring great business opportunities.

indeed, short rental market cake is great, but as the first taste of people, how to eat, is a problem. >