the past few years, the real economy has been down, but the Internet has been in the trend of explosive growth. It can be said that in recent years, in addition to real estate, finance, the fastest growing Internet only. In the national entrepreneurship, innovation under the slogan, many Internet startups emerge in an endless stream.

but since the second half of 2015, the O2O project is very influential one after another collapse, venture capital market began cooling, avid Internet business boom faded, the electricity supplier, VR, online education, these are extremely optimistic about the rise in the field after still have begun to repeat mistakes O2O. In the second half of 16, the situation seems even worse.

national entrepreneurship has become a national winter

2016 just autumn, the Internet has already entered the business winter season, recently, rumors of a collapse of the net fresh table, the pioneering company closures of the topic once again ignited, once again let the whole industry felt the winter cold. In fact, in the new round of closures, is not only the early start-up companies B round before facing the death of a large area, even after C rounds of mature companies, also frequently traced to the failure of financing or layoffs for the winter.


according to the investment community statistics show that in 2016 1 to August, there are 990 companies to get A round of financing, and in 2015 won the enterprise A round of financing is 1999, a reduction of more than 50%, can go to from an angel round D round of the company is only 2%. Four months later, has been difficult to narrow the gap of data, these data show that this year, the winter capital will be more deep, national entrepreneurship has become a universal winter.

had to say, the impact of the capital of the winter to start the business, greater than anyone imagined, the phenomenon of frequent collapse of start-up companies in the short term, I am afraid it is difficult to change. The second half of 16, almost dooming all Internet startups shivering. In the winter of the Internet 39 days, pull over, will usher in the spring. But more will be swept into the sea of turbulent collapse. So, who will be the next fall more worthy of our discussion and vigilance.

venture company bankruptcy three rules

in the analysis of the problem has been publicly reported startups, the author summed up the law of the collapse of a number of start-up companies:

1, A round, angel round of the early stage of the company’s highest mortality rate; and the vast majority of venture capital companies will fall on this line.

2, the same industry companies, generally fall in the same cycle, a sudden collapse of the company is likely to lead to the butterfly effect. For example, online travel, online education, travel and other areas of O2O, are a piece of death; when a collapse is often just a start.

3, a period of capital concern of the hot industry, which is the so-called tuyere, in experience >