this is a reader sent me an e-mail, you can see that he wrote very seriously, is really in the heart to write. What, so just write while crying (" now I cry to you type "). This paper records from 0 to 500 days to make history, is a record of a struggle, a common social experience of 14 years has lost, there is hope, even, have ideal, have the truth. This article does not have any self promotional ingredients, all the contents of the author is a word of the original text. I am here to publish it is also very much appreciate the reader, in fact, I have already regarded him as a friend, and I also rarely encountered suddenly write so many readers, thank you for your intentions. The style is not necessarily the best, is true.

Taoge Hello, glad to meet you, first let me introduce myself, my name is XX, from Guangxi Laibin City in the town of XXX, was born in January 1986. I also want to say a few days to write a resume to, since you want a friend, I am sure I will be the first personal information to a friend first. Is that you gave me a lot of courage to write it down, and now write here is a blank, do not know if you can not write down to you.

because I read few books, together with our conditions here may be less than the people in the city, so that you asked me to write an article to your experience, I want to write but I fear the written statement is not fluent, but this is why I want to write, because I want to make friends with you. I want to make friends with you, I must be active and introduce you, so that you know for my friends, because friends is divided into many kinds, in general, good, I want to make a friend with you,

so I just want to get my 29 years of things in a complete story for you. Well below I will first start from my childhood, when we here may not now have what fun things, I began to read at the age of 5. At the age of 5 and then we began to learn to cook, because my parents are going to do is their own farmland, so go back to cooking. I also remember that little time, but my parents said I started cooking at the age of 5, he said I was 5 years old when he can cook very happy, I think it is also very happy, you want to present society that has 5 year old cook (Taoge, there is little write too more than


may be small to others when there is a lot of interest in things, but really I am 5 years old and -13 years to finish junior high school here without what good memories, is reading – work – reading is like this, but also read the junior middle school to have a bit of fun, can play a penalty, it this.

in 2002, I graduated from junior high school, then we are in Guangxi Wuzhou where we read College from the village should have 227.7 kilometers, it is the first time away from home, now I’m very fortunate that time where can read the book of 1 years, because we where people are generally.