lead: on "Lu Yu", "every day" of the North’s most handsome twin brother started.


"Lu Yu", "every day" two TV show interview, let Yuan Ziwen, Yuan Zihao two brothers became much sought after the most handsome twin brother. They are students of Peking University, or young writers, recently released second new books in the pre-sale period to get a good sales. Brother Yuan Ziwen, there are third identities —- the source of the first mask brand responsible person.

source of this initial – Entrepreneurship because of the edge and

and Yuan Ziwen are talking about a coffee shop across from the north gate of the university. And around the bag back and forth to go to Peking University students compared to Yuan Ziwen’s appearance dress had to recognize him at a glance. Because the day before the interview their book "we are the same, just young and hesitation" online purchase, so when he also took a lot of issues and mobile phone book editors. Seated. The reporter noticed him under the brim of the sea, well-proportioned fall strict in demands, on the forehead. A look at the United States and clean with almost obsessive compulsive pursuit of perfection.

but he is not because of beauty to choose the mask as an entrepreneurial project.

entrepreneurial team of three people, one who had had many years of experience in the mask market, so we believe that the industry will be more familiar with the insurance. The industry has determined that the name of the brand what is good for the liberal arts background, out of the book of Yuan Ziwen, it is not difficult to take the name but the meaning is very important. He believes that people can walk together entrepreneurship is a kind of fate, but in the complicated skincare market, the audience can not completely in the trial case choose to buy their mask, this is a rare fate "". And they are in the face of the development of the film in Taiwan, where the raw material, but also to take the source of meaning, so we have now seen the source of this initial".

source of the first brand factory in Taiwan, Beijing side of the team is mainly financial, customer service, administrative. Every year in August, November is the busiest time for them, in order to alleviate the problem of manpower, they will find some part-time college students in Wudaokou. He asked himself is 90, how to manage these peers, his face revealing rational rigor.


everything emphasizes the meaning of

"in fact, I am more introverted, less likely to express feelings. Usually give people a sense of distance, more serious, cold feeling. I am a direct person in my life, so I will be very direct to our team." Yuan Ziwen said he did not like people who do not work seriously, have encountered a serious staff, he did not hesitate to open a person.

may be too serious personality, so Yuan Ziwen will explore the meaning of a lot of things