lead: as a person, "crazy guess map" founder Cao Xiaogang said: "there is no other, is to insist, insist, insist!"


adhere to the end, never give up, this is Churchill’s famous saying, enough to remember such a burst of start-up companies, the next step how to go, it is critical. As a person, crazy guess figure founder Cao Xiaogang said: there is no other, is to adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to!

crazy guess figure is a 2013 explosion of the product, the original development team only 4 people. Crazy guess figure from April 1, 2013 began to formally launched in May 13th, less than 50 days. Just 3 months, Android platform installed capacity was more than 40 million. But a year later, the circle of friends to play crazy guess figure has very few people. Since December 28, 2013, crazy guess has never been updated. Cao Xiaogang said that this product will not be updated, but this year, we plan to launch ‘crazy guess Figure 2’, gameplay will change, a few months after the launch." According to reports, the next crazy guess figure team will launch a crazy look again and again".

After the

team crazy guess figure, the subsequent development of "crazy guess the song" although not copy the "crazy guess map" of the legend, but at least after red, also launched a lot of "Crazy" products: Crazy money to come, crazy world cup, crazy, crazy, crazy guess and guess the song etc.. Many would die sooner than the team, Cao Xiaogang’s team, at least the sense of existence.

Cao Xiaogang said, burst money popular logic is the same: innovative content, the use of low-cost social platform to get attention. Foot will not necessarily remember the red for a long time, how the next development, depending on whether the user will precipitate, entrepreneurial team can do is to continue to develop."

red is luck, fall is inevitable. But Cao Xiaogang said that the emergence of the explosion of the entrepreneurial team, is finally a new level. Whether after 80, 90 or 70, as long as the stick, you can succeed."