Shanghai Beijing Shanghai retreat, pragmatic, pioneering company always cares more about profit, while the Beijing Internet Co cares more about the layout. From 1998 to today, the development of the Internet in China is only 17 years, the future is still a long way. Today that Beijing in the Internet business to win Shanghai, this is very hasty comments, not to infer the future through simple history.


titanium media note: the author of this article intends to compare the similarities and differences between Beijing and Shanghai entrepreneurial environment. I lived in Beijing for 8 years, living in Shanghai for nearly 4 years, in both work, entrepreneurship, to participate in and organize a variety of activities, with a large number of companies have had frequent exchanges, all aspects of the situation are many, generally can provide a more comprehensive view for us.

let’s start with a little earlier.

a resource: portal and Enlightenment

before the Internet period is cFido, so the smooth chapter, China’s first Internet application, is the forum. But the real success of the first generation of Internet Co, is the gateway. More specifically, Sina and Sohu.

China and the United States at the same time, the United States is Yahoo and AOL. At that time, we do not know how to commercialize the Internet, the most direct way is to imitate the traditional media, at the time of the lower bandwidth and network environment, the most suitable for the imitation of the newspaper. So, these sites are through news to get traffic.

to do news and media in China, the company must be in Beijing. Even today, this is the iron law. There are many reasons, partly on the table, such as the highest level of news agency, Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, economic daily, and in Beijing, so Beijing’s media resources and talent, will be far more than other places. On the other hand, is under the table, and media control methods.

new office, office of the state and the highest level of several news agencies, personnel have been transferred to each other (in their senior staff to 81 changes, very interesting). This has created an inevitable result, that is, whether it is to understand the policy, or the actual implementation of the loose level, Beijing is far better than other places. The first generation portal is growing up in this space.

addition to China’s two commercial Internet nodes are located in Beijing and Shanghai, China education network node is also expanded from the Peking University, which gave Beijing a unique resource.

I can early contact with the Internet, and these resources are inseparable, in 90s, Tianjin won the first C commercial node from the Tianjin University and the Nankai University in Beijing, 9.6K bandwidth access Peking University education network, is hardly China except Beijing’s first city to enjoy the Internet, therefore, at that time, near Beijing, is nearly from the internet.