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air outlet will not care about a person. Because of history will not be silent "Daguai upgrade" possessed, it only to see the results.


Asimov’s masterpiece "base", in addition to the prophet sheidow throughout all other characters are his disciples. They are driven by intuition, driven by the times. They are in the history of the game there is no sign, but with the trend. You wonder why he is

Google, Microsoft, IBM, left Facebook, Ali, Baidu, bid farewell to all his past glory, to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, advocating technology moat. Why is it that he opened up the "exodus disciples" series, tells the reality of such a group of scientific and technological ideals of the path.


xinhuanet.com November 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Lin Ye Jian) on 2003 at the Princeton computer Dr. Xi (qiè IBM) the tigers refused, companies such as Microsoft Offer, give up the Ivy League doctorate, joined a start-up company. Before he left for Silicon Valley, he didn’t even know what he would do.

China announced its withdrawal from the market in 2010 in the company, is the global tiger Xi technical director. Tencent, former vice president Peng Zhijian said: Tiger Wu Jun and Xi (famous Silicon Valley investor, "top of the wave" (author), Zhu Huican served as the company Research Institute of engineering technology Chinese responsible person) and known as the "three engineer domestic Internet companies want to dig from the company".

this start-up company called Google.

If the

from this point of view, Xi tigers in the research of China Mobile Internet field after three years, did not join the BAT, but in the thousands of start-ups, chose the "little red book", the fledgling gene has not yet been completely finalized, it is not difficult to explain.

– Google "equity first" principle, and the little red book aims to realize people and efficient information, the beginning of the heart agree without prior without previous consultation. This choice also confirms the tiger in the technology of Qie ideal: make fair rules of play to the game player.

dropped out of school to Google: after all want to experience, look forward to intuition

holding IBM Research Institute, Microsoft Research Institute and other big Offer, and succeed in the interview 3, 4 companies, and now look back, then the option in Xi tiger, or death or withdrawal, half is gone.

The probability of death

is so high, how to pick Qie tiger is Google


if the official answer, the tigers will summarize Xi two points: one is the attraction of the product. With Google search, the user seems to open the door to the new world, and never want to close the door. >