[Abstract] female fashion digital portal PureWow has been profitable for several years, the profit margin is about 30%.


BI Chinese station on April 15th reported

Ruian · Harwood (Ryan Harwood) in 2009 from Goldman founded a media start-up company, he had intended to create a male fashion website, but he soon realized that this is not a good idea.

after some analysis and research, Harwood found that women are better fashion content target audience. Women are the main users of social media, and the influence of the advertising budget.

Harwood found in the study, 25 – to 45 year old women are tired of digital content surging, most of these women are mothers, their blog is very popular on the internet. But not all of the women of this age have become young mothers, and some women have children, but do not want to be classified as such users.

so Harwood abandoned the original idea, in 2010 founded the women’s fashion digital portal PureWow. From the development of the past few years, PureWow’s revenue generating efficiency is amazing. Now a lot of venture capital backed startups are working hard to figure out how to make money and make money before the money runs out. In this environment, PureWow’s performance is even more valuable.

so, how high is PureWow’s revenue generating efficiency?

Harwood said, PureWow is now the number of independent visitors nearly 10 million people. This is a considerable amount of data, but according to informed sources, PureWow last year’s revenue of about $10 million this year, is expected to increase to a staggering $20 million.

informed sources, according to the PureWow number of advertisers customized content, the company obtained from every single contract revenue to $2 million in 100 thousand dollars.

the above data is based on the current traffic estimates, did not take into account the future growth of traffic factors. According to Harwood, PureWow’s annual growth rate of 100%.

By contrast,

, a young woman’s website for Bustle, has 45 million visitors a month, its 2015 revenues of $10 million, which is said to be $20 million in revenue this year. This means that PureWow’s revenue generating efficiency is far more than Bustle, which is 4.5 times the number of visitors per month is PureWow, but the two sites last year and this year’s revenue is the same.

and Harwood also said that the company has been profitable for several years, the profit margin of about 30%.

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