pack and takeaway O2O market has entered the Warring States era, after the focus of gold hungry bloody staking can dominate


before the 2015 annual meeting of the company held, hungry founder Zhang Xuhao and a staff made a bet: if the annual meeting of the scene of his personal speech can let the presence of colleagues cried, the employee and his plan annual meeting speech will receive a bonus of 10 thousand yuan. He can’t believe.

In the

platform for handheld speech, Zhang Xuhao is still quite skeptical, he turned around and asked the planner: "are you sure you really will be moved?"


speech is scheduled for the annual meeting. Sitting under the table, nearly 500 employees from across the country came. This is only hungry now the total number of employees 1/10. This is the first time I was hungry for such a large annual meeting – 1 years ago, the company’s total of only more than and 200 people.

this is a celebration ceremony. Just before the day of that year, in January 27th, the team has just been hungry in Beijing officially announced the completion of the news round of financing. Allegedly, what is the current round of financing amount of $350 million, led by CITIC industrial fund investment, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment, Sequoia Capital with investment.


conference, Zhang Xuhao to the media show the latest set of data hungry Mody, such as peak day orders for more than 2 million single, about 1000000 single daily orders, mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 75%, and the market share of 60%.

sounds somewhat unfair: hungry founder Zhang Xuhao and co-founder of concon is directly after graduating from university entrepreneurship, when Wang Xing is quite well known for entrepreneurs; hungry team members are mostly 90, before joining the hungry little work experience, while the United States in the group purchase time has a trained "push iron", "thousand group wars" winner; hungry was founded in 2009, in the field of takeaway has been done for 6 years, while the U.S. started by the end of 2013, but has quickly become hungry and against the most intense competition.

don’t you think you should play the role of the weak or Challenger? Based on the strength of the contrast, entrepreneur reporter asked Zhang Xuhao. His reply was straightforward: No, at this stage, we should play a role in guiding the healthy development of the industry, as for the future, hungry it will be a hundred billion dollars of the company."

When the public

slightly before Zhang Xuhao stood in the insolent speech on the stage at the annual meeting is different. At this time, the bet has been it behind us, not on the mouth, was in tears, he almost choked the edge edge roar finished the speech. Some employees noted that in the course of the speech Zhang Xuhao, Kang Kang also secretly wiped two eyes.

"last year was the worst year since I started my business." Accept entrepreneur reporter interview, Kang laments. There are few people in this group.