NetEase Francisco June 2nd message, sponsored by SOHO Chinese new phase of "Pan conference" SOHO3Q held today in Beijing Guanghua Road, SOHO China chairman Pan Shiyi, chairman of millet, Lei Jun and Wantong holdings chairman Feng Lun and entrepreneurs have a continuous dialogue on entrepreneurship. Lei Jun said there is finally an explanation of "pig on the outlet of the opportunity – it once had become the focus of criticism, it is opportunistic," I think the first point, any success in any field needs to be hard for ten thousand hours, all need to practice ten thousand hours. If there is no basic skills on the flying pig that is really an opportunist, no one success after training ten thousand hours can be successful. So, we should not ignore the pigs flying in the air today, they are not only practiced for ten thousand hours, may have practiced for more than one hundred thousand hours, which is the premise that we are ignored."

In addition

, talked about the recent "Are ridicule you OK", "Lei feel very sorry, because my English level is relatively poor, got my alma mater so shame, I was a distinguished alumnus of Wuhan University, we, I see the comment, saying we Wuhan University English is taught physical education teacher, in fact only my English is poor, other Wuhan University alumni English good. So in your first year, we must do a good job of basic skills."

about the present business, Feng Lun believes the current entrepreneurship was different, past entrepreneurial feel "displaced", and now the business is more like "bridal chamber", but into the bridal chamber easily, it is difficult to live a good life. Pan Shiyi said that today’s social entrepreneurship more fair.

below is a selection of Dialogues:

Lei Jun: today the vast majority of entrepreneurs, about entrepreneurship, to tell the truth I think business people do not have to do, is worthless, as a normal person will not choose entrepreneurship. Because you once you choose a business, you have chosen a painful life, your great pressure, difficulties and confusion, others do not understand, or others despise, the true success peak is one of the few people, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have become a paving stone. So I’ve been thinking for all entrepreneurs, I think what is the most important? The most important thing is a kind of belief, I think that if there is no dream of this belief, there is no way to support the work of the high intensity every day. So here I would like to share with you is why I would like to drink a bowl of millet porridge, willing to continue to make revolution: the most important thing is because I want to do something.

what am I going to do? I don’t think we’re doing a good job in this industry. Five years ago, I wanted to change the Chinese people’s impression of Chinese products, I would like to change the world everyone’s impression of our Chinese products. I believe millet in the past five years should have affected a lot of domestic products, I believe that the next five to ten >