first_img Link to post Link to post Forums Home Sports Logos All Activity Got you roasted like evah Link to post Recommended Posts AB! All black! Posted September 29, 2006 Perfect for those daring nighttime raids on the endzone…. jOkeR Members Share on other sites 17,857 posts All Activity 0 SportsLogos.Net 10 0 Jezus_Ghoti (edited) Link to post Forums Home Link to post Share on other sites 0 KevinMcD I apologize for any decorum 0 Share this post Share on other sites 4,646 posts Sign in to follow this   Favourite Logos:Boston BreakersOakland InvadersNY/NJ KnightsSan Jose SharksSeattle Mariners 721 0 Let’s Go Buff-a-lo! SportsLogos.Net a must hate for anyone that cant stand fashion appearl NFL Shine Uni’s 3,239 posts Members Location:Fayetteville, NC 1,830 posts Share this post 1 Go To Topic Listing NFL Shine Jeresys Jezus_Ghoti Share on other sites 26,196 Location:New England jOkeR 1 Why would anyone buy this?Maybe if you wanted to go out on Halloween as a statue of a football player? Link to post 721 347 posts MattMilone By HatManTC, September 29, 2006 in Sports Logo News Followers 0 Gothamite NFL Shine Jeresys 0 Edited September 29, 2006 by Gothamite 53,285 posts Link to post “Hey boss, bad news. The warehouse we was storin’ all the jerseys at caught on fire. All the shirts we saved are all covered with burns, soot, and oil. What’ll we do?””No problem. Call ’em fashion jerseys and charge twice the price!” Posted September 29, 2006 Bleujayone 26,196 Share this post 10 0 Share on other sites Moderators Ugh! What’s up with the dotted like bedazzled number outlines? It looks like a 13 year-old girls cellphone. Posted September 29, 2006 Gothamite the admiral Link to post 22,645 Followers 0 This topic is now closed to further replies. 1,083 HatManTC Posted September 29, 2006 KevinMcD 6 1,677 posts Location:Philadelphia Members Posted September 29, 2006 345 posts 0 6 HatManTC 0 0 Share on other sites Bleujayone 1 Members 721 Members 1,083 Sports Logo News Share on other sites MattMilone Those are quite retarded… Location:SUNY Cortland Posted September 29, 2006 1,083 Why would anyone buy this? The only thing you can read is the reebok logo. And for $100 yikes! Posted September 29, 2006 22,645 Share this post 26,196 Location:Lebanon Ohio Members “Bleu Bomb Buzzes Metropolis.” slapshot 57,917 posts the admiral Share this post 0 Share this post Share this post Share this post Share on other sites Share on other sites 22,645 Sports Logos Medical Crab Share this post Members Sports Logo News Posted September 30, 2006 You can almost see the blue on that Manning jersey. Too bad the nameplate font is still wrong. 0 6 Sign in to follow this   10 0 slapshot Posted September 29, 2006 Favourite Logos:North Stars 0 five boroughs, one City. Members 0 Link to post NFL Shine Jeresyslast_img