first_imgFormer №2 in tennis and winner of two Grand Slam titles – Svetlana Kuznetsova, did not speak very kindly to her heirs.The Russian, who continues to compete and ranks 32nd in the rankings, but is moving towards the end of her career, believes that women’s tennis has become quite boring.According to the 34-year-old Kuznetsova, the big problem is the lack of world-class tennis players. Due to the lack of bright stars, she admitted that she does not even know the composition of the top 10 at the moment.“I don’t want to offend anyone, but the women’s tour has faded. Not so long ago we had players in the world class ladies, but now I don’t even know who is in the top 10. The change is really very radical.And this is not because the middle-level athletes have come closer to the leaders, on the contrary, we see a huge decline in the leading ladiessaid the US Open champion in 2004 and Roland Garros in 2009.The legend Martina Navratilova expressed a very similar opinion to that of Kuznetsova.“The top players can either lose in the first round or, if they survive the opening match, win the tournament. I think the lack of perseverance is the new fashion and we will continue to see it. It’s interesting to watch this – when the top players play well, they can show unique tennis, but then what happens to them in the next tournament?“.last_img