first_imgMaybe because of criticism Banerjee said Dhoni’s retirement may have been prompted by growing criticism over his return to the national team. For some time now, Dhoni has been facing a lot of criticism in the media. There have been many rumors and criticisms about how Dhoni, who has not played a single match since July 2019, will return to the national team. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.It is hoped, however, that these criticisms will play a major role in his decision. “Only Dhoni can tell the truth about this,” Banerjee said.No. 7 is no longer neededBanerjee has demanded that Dhoni’s number seven jersey should not be given to anyone and that the jersey should be withdrawn by India. It is a pity that the number seven jersey will never be seen on the field again.Everyone will have to retire at some point. Yet this is a disturbing moment. I don’t think India will give Dhoni’s jersey to anyone. “Dhoni is a legend and number seven will always be his,” Banerjee added.A player without equalCaptain Cool Dhoni was an unparalleled player in world cricket. The cricketing world has seen Dhoni’s mesmerizing performance in so many roles. As a captain, finisher and wicket-keeper, he was amazing again and again.Dhoni presented India with three ICC trophies between 2007-13. In 2009, he topped the ICC Test rankings. After playing 350 ODIs, 90 Tests and 98 T20Is, Dhoni took off his No. 7 jersey.last_img